Raphael Boguslav
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Raphael Boguslav (1929-2010)
This site is being maintained (largely in tact) as a tribute to a talented and accomplished designer. May it serve as a resource and an oasis for all who appreciate well-considered graphic design and exquisite hand lettering.



I designed my first logotype professionally while still an undergraduate at Cooper Union in NYC. My first serious job after graduating was with a small but successful package design studio on 57th Street. I gained the position with the help of my friend Milton Glaser who later joined me as art director. I gained my first real understanding of logotype design from him.

For many years I worked at Lippincott & Margulies as a package designer and corporate identity specialist. During my tenure there I was responsible for the design of about forty logos for major corporations, among them New York Life, PPG, Chemstrand, Hudson Paper and Borg-Warner.

With that experience, I was able to enjoy more independence and open a studio with a few other artists. Eventually I migrated to New England, where my clients include local businesses and individuals, as well as NY design studios. With the advent of the www my reach has grown beyond the Eastern seaboard to include the rest of the U.S., and even as far as Dubai, UAE.

Formerly a calligrapher and designer of hand lettering, my work is now entirely digital. My drawing in Adobe Illustrator is informed by many years of hand work. Calligraphic logos are now started on paper and then finished on the computer.

I work directly with clients one-on-one and also liaise with art directors. Logo designs, if properly done, include many roughs and usually take a minimum of three weeks, whereas hand-lettered concept renderings can be turned around rapidly.

Tareyton cigarette package
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